Corona virus is redefining the way we live
And we are scared.
There are some big good sides.
Here we focus on three.
Which other good sides you see?

We are all scared of the Corona Virus
Changing our lives and undermining mankind’s fundamental values


There are good sides to this situation, and they are pretty big:

1. People collaborate: having a common enemy brings us together and we learn to give things the right value

We’re learning that union makes us stronger
And maybe we will understand that how we live depends from us, all.

2. We train: in case we’ll have to face another future situation like this

3. We understand the value of freedom and how beautiful life is when we can go out and be near to our people, work and move.

We will remember this when things go back to normal and life will be more beautiful than before to us

Be smart
Stay home

Thanks to Marius X for Music and Essence of a Belle for voiceover

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