simply my kind of instrumental. when im in a depressing mood this is one of them beats that will definitely help me out. lpve the instrumentsl from start to finish. really cool. would definitely add this to my playlist for sure. love this one. cudos
Very thrilling and engaging introduction but quite lengthy, at least it went through some changes. The crescendos used create suspense. Was actually waiting for some form of vocals to enter the peice but realised at around 1:40 that no vocals were present. Good peice, very “electronic” so to speak and very engaging and interesting, 8/10
This song would be be good for an action movie. This song would be good for a gym to workout to. I like to hear music like this sometimes without the singing it makes it interesting and you can make up your own lyrics to it.
love the intro to the song. I'm in love with it. not too much going on but u can feel it moving inside u. makes you feel like something epic is gonna happen tho i wish it had a hard drop but other than that its great. no vocals is OK for this style.
This track was extremely interesting to listen to because it had so many different sound changes. I think it would be cool if the artists had added different sounds during it to really interest the listener. This would be a fun song to dj at a prty.
This is a song made 
to make you feel riding on the amazing
Hair Raiser.
Thanks to Ocean Park ( 
for supporting and helping in this project
Thanks to Theme Park Review ( 
for giving  permission to use and edit their video 
Idea, music and video: Luca Patrone
Collaboration for the melodic part: QC

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